Bonn Square update

We had quite a quiet day in Oxford on Saturday. First Saturday in January and the place should have been buzzing with people. We did have some interesting conversations with various lockdown sceptics supporting us, which is always encouraging. However, towards the end of the day, a busybody on a bike was obviously offended at the fact that a group of us were gathered under the gazebo chatting. We informed him about the lack of evidence for asymptomatic spread of covid19, quoting the large Wuhan study, and his reply was 'you are morons'. That's the extent of intelligent debate these days.

He obviously reported us, as the next thing we saw was a police car driving slowly towards us. We immediately dispersed in different directions, leaving just 2 people under the gazebo, so the police car did not stop. It seems that the public are very happy to enforce the tyrannical diktaks of the government even when they are informed that there is no evidence to support them.

Here's a short video showing our gazebo poster display in the middle of Oxford on a happier Saturday before Christmas when we were in 'Tier 2'.

And asking the public questions like 'will a floral pattern on your mask protect you from covid-19?'

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