Can telling the truth get you killed?

I just heard yesterday that Brandy Vaughan had been found dead, leaving behind a young 9 year old son.

You possibly have never heard of her. I hadn’t either, until after her death. Her Facebook profile describes her as a ‘former pharmaceutical insider on a mission to create a healthier world one person at a time by educating on the real risks of pharma drugs and vaccines. International speaker, author and founder of the non-profit ‘Learn The Risk’/Council for Vaccine Safety

When working as a rep for a pharmaceutical company called Merck, selling a prescription painkiller called Vioxx, it was found to double the risk of stroke and heart attacks and was eventually taken off the market. “From that experience, I realized that just because something is on the market, doesn’t mean it’s safe” she explained.

She then went on to spend several years as an activist very much in the public eye, exposing the truth behind the “health” care system and empowering people to take control of their health and make changes naturally. You can see from her Facebook profile below that she was definitely not afraid of being a public figure. And her famous ‘trucks across America’ were pretty impressive.

She travelled all over the U.S. speaking at events like this one:

However, she was worried about her safety and felt that her life was in danger. She spoke about it regularly, and had very good reason to be concerned, as you can see in this video, where she explains how she was being stalked and intimidated:

She felt so strongly about this that she made a statement on social media about a year ago, explaining that she would never take her own life under any circumstances, and that if anything did happen to her, it would be foul play.

It turns out that she was right to fear for her life. I am still trying to find out more about exactly what happened to her and will update this post with news as and when it becomes available. But it certainly is looking very suspicious.

One of her close friends has written this article about Brandy where she says,

“It is with such a heavy heart that I list yet another activist found dead, and this time it is my friend and colleague, Brandy Vaughan, the founder of the well-known non profit Learn The Risk. She was found dead by her son who is a minor. Brandy had written me over the years stating that she was fearful for her life and asked me if I was and even said she was afraid of being poisoned”.

And another friend has started this GoFundMe which will be used as per Brandy’s wishes:

* Any necessary legal action, autopsy, or paperwork filing. (To be determined)

* Helping to put on a memorial/funeral in honor of Brandy.

* Towards keeping her lifelong mission in motion

She goes on to say: "I am a good friend, business supporter, and soul-sister to Brandy Vaughan. She has asked me many times over the years to take care of her son, and keep her mission alive, if anything ever happened to her. I will do my best to honor her wishes, and I need your help!! I can not let her down. Her mission, is my mission, and has been since the onset of her internal warrior coming alive!"

R.I.P Brandy Vaughan. The world needs more brave people like you.

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