Daily Deaths from Covid-19

Here are the daily deaths in hospital since 1st January. The figure of 1500 which has been all over the media must also be counting deaths in care homes and the community, which will be 'suspected covid'. And it will be the 'reported' deaths, which did not all happen today, but which are spread over a 6 week period.

And of course, they are all within '28 days of having had a haircut'.

Oops, sorry, I meant to say 'within 28 days of a positive covid test'. So we will never know how many of these numbers were actually being treated for covid.

And perhaps even more interesting, here's the picture regarding the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals:

People don't realise how few people are dying from covid-19 in Oxford. The situation could change of course, but there is clearly no justification whatsoever for the lockdown Most people don't actually know that this is public data and you can download it from here:

A last thought:

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