Layla Moran: Completely out of touch with reality?

I wish we had some sensible MPs in Oxfordshire. My MP is the Liberal Democrat, Layla Moran. Here’s a little bit of background:

The Liberal Democrats really need a new name. The best one I can come up with is the 'Iliberal Undemocrats', but please leave a comment if you can think of a better one. Layla loves seeing Oxfordshire pushed into the most draconian Tier possible:

Neil Clark, one of the few honest, independent Oxfordshire journalists left, is usually one of the first to jump on these Oxfordshire Twitter threads:

Have a look at the Twitter thread here. At least a lot of people are waking up and calling out this bullshit now.

Here are a few more replies (I am Freedom-Fighter btw). Why are these MPs so out of touch with reality?

And she does love to get involved in ‘non issues’. Like ‘Long Covid’, that new name for ‘Post viral fatigue’ which has just been rebranded. Nobody has been bothered about doing anything for people with post-viral fatigue until now:

And why do we need to know that she has come out as ‘pansexual’? Is it supposed to be of interest to anyone? It’s completely irrelevant to most ordinary people who just want damaging lockdowns ended. It’s another example of how ‘woke agendas’ have taken over and how politicians are under the delusion that their sexual preferences are something that keep us all awake at night. We don’t want to know!!! (But just in case anyone is interested, I am heterosexual, and my pronouns are ‘she; her’….).

We need MPs who actually question and oppose government restrictions rather than push for more draconian versions of lockdowns and divert us with personal stories about their sex lives under the delusion that we might be remotely interested.

At least some of my comments get more likes than most of her posts. This one is a comment on the useless PCR test:

Things are not great when you're considering moving house to have Desmond Swayne as your MP......

It’s becoming more and more clear that we desperately need a credible anti-lockdown movement. Here’s Brendan O’Neill on Talk Radio raising this issue:

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