Lockdown Zealots - an emotional outburst

I have lifted this comment from the Lockdown Sceptics website today. Probably not advisable to read if you are a bit of a snowflake or easily offended.

"Lockdown enthusiasts are the most repulsive, selfish beings I have ever personally encountered.

They will destroy as many lives as is necessary to continue to indulge their deluded fantasy of remaining safe from the threat of a super virus.

There is no amount of facts about the death rates, the PCR tests, the masks, the circular logic of lockdowns, no amount of information about the misery and anguish they are causing that you can put in front of them to reconsider their self-righteous position.

They are the sort of people that cheered when others were burnt at the stake for heresy or enjoyed the spectacle of public hangings. They are the willing obedient guards of the concentration camps. They are the mental midgets that cheer on bullies loudest when they are ganging up someone to make sure the bully doesn’t go for them.

They go through life with shrivelled ambition of being the most obedient and enthusiastic participants of the herd.

I don’t believe for one minute that any one of these hideous zealots is going through any sort of difficulty or anxiety from lockdowns. The pain being caused is entirely abstract and alien to their lives, which is what allows them to speak of the suffering being perpetrated in the callous, heartless, dismissive manner they do. When they talk about saving lives it is posturing to cover up their complete moral emptiness. Their fear and concerns are only for themselves.

These monsters are members of the biggest, most deluded, must destructive cult in the history of humanity – the zero covid cult. They are wrecking society and livelihoods because they are mentally incapable of adjusting their minds to the fact that we have the death rate of 2007 until they are told to do so by a higher authority.


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