Lockdowns kill 10 times more people than they save

Here's Maajid Nawaaz from LBC Radio explaining that the government has a secret impact assessment of the harms being caused by lockdown that they are not sharing with the public. However, Professor Phillip Thomas from Bristol University has produced an impact assessment. Phillip Thomas is an expert in risk management and he states that lockdown will claim the equivalent of 560,000 lives. 10% of that figure would die if we did not lockdown. And those figures just relate to the United Kingdom. The UN has stated that hundreds of thousands of children will die this year alone because of the economic harm being caused by lockdowns.

The Maajid Nawaaz video is part of a discussion between Ricardo Bosi, and a few other members of his Australia One Party. They also point out that the President of Belarus was offered a 950 million dollar bribe to lockdown his country, impose mandatory face masks and collapse the economy. He refused. Belarus is now a more 'free' country than the UK.

It's clear that the crooks are in charge all around the world. Let's hope there is a reckoning sooner rather than later.

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