Should Oxford should be in Tier 2? Layla Moran thinks so

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

At the time of writing, there have been no Covid-19 deaths at the John Radcliffe since July. Here's a chart showing the picture since March 2020:

Covid-19 admissions look like this:

This does not look like a crisis! What do you think? We are considering doing a protest outside Layla Moran’s house. Do you think this would be effective? These politicians are not acting in our best interests. There is absolutely no reason to put Oxfordshire into a higher tier (in fact we disagree with the whole ‘Tier’ system completely). Please email us at with any ideas you have. Or, you can write to Layla Moran here: and let her know what you think. We need to hold our MPs to account and let them know when they are not doing their job properly

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