People walking in the open air cause outrage in Wantage

You would hardly believe it if someone had told you a year ago that a group of people, meeting in a square and then going for a walk up the Ridegway could cause outrage among locals and comments like, 'stay the f*** out of our town, you piece of human effluent'.

Here's a short video where you can see the group of people chatting in the square. They then walk out of the town towards the Ridgeway, and the police at this point have obviously been notified. It's not really clear what the police are doing, and maybe the police don't actually know either!

Later in the day, some Wantage residents expressed their horror in the Facebook group 'Wantage & Grove Community'. Here are some of the best (names hidden to protect identities):

A long Facebook 'debate' followed, (not sure if that's the right word) which really just showed that there are 2 distinct groups of people living in completely separate versions of reality. The person commenting above was given copious links to 'science' but was not interested in debating any of it, despite There is no point trying to explain that there is no evidence for asymptomatic transmission, or that other countries which did not lockdown have fewer deaths than the UK. There is just NO POINT. One thing stands out and that is the respect these people have for 'the law'. The fact that the group were 'flouting the law' seems to cause a lot of the anger.

Trying to use reason with lockdown fanatics is like dealing with members of a cult.

Unfortunately cult members have no idea that they are part of a cult.

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