The World is a Stage ....full of bad actors

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The highlight of the week on social media must have been Matt Hancock’s disastrous ‘pretend crying’ on Good Morning Britain. Really the most cringeworthy performance that I have ever seen. My immediate thought when I saw it was, ‘he’s laughing’. His reaction occurs just after ‘William Shakespeare from Warwickshire’ says a few words about 5 minutes in (if you can bear to watch it). I think that William Shakespeare from Warwickshire just pushed him over the edge. Was he thinking, "I know that 'The World is a Stage' and I'm getting away with it"? Or, maybe he was having a laugh with Piers about how stupid the general public are and then realised he was on air.

Here were some of the reactions:

Is Matt Hancock losing the plot? Is the strain of lying continually getting too much for him? Or is he just a classic psychopath who enjoys manipulating the public? Whatever the answer is, I think everyone would agree that he really could do with some acting classes.

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