Sometimes, somebody has to stay behind......

Updated: May 2, 2021

While the big march was taking place in London, a few of us stayed in Oxford to keep the gazebo presence going. Here are a few photos.

This one shows our fabulous new posters.

And the old mask favourite, which will never date (as long as they carry on with the mask tyranny). Everyone's favourite anti-lockdown spaniel, Ren manages to get in the picture too.

And here's one of Kate, wearing a very fetching 'sheep in mask' t-shirt, showing off the Astra Zeneca vaccine ingredients from the government website. She carries this around with her on public transport and it does start off some interesting conversations.

We had some interesting conversations with skeptics who were passing by, quite a bit of support in general as well as a couple of death wishes. Just a normal Saturday.

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