The London March, April 25th 2021

A few videos, photos and interesting comments and observations from the march yesterday. I was not there, and my first impression from all the videos was the ENORMITY of the crowds of people. How many were there? Some are saying 500k. It certainly looks like the biggest march so far.

Some great commentary from Francis in this video:

"People don't understand that what is happening here is an experiment on humanity.... if you have a feeling that things are not going as they should be, the first thing you can do is stop wearing a mask, stop collaborating".

"We are being threatened by tyrannical forces that are stripping us of our liberties".

And here's our friend Colleen, with her famous swab - which she has been arrested for carrying at previous protests (arrested in possession of a giant swab). She describes how she met an ex nurse who did not agree with the nasal tests and ended up leaving her job. :

Here's a speeded up version of the protest which gives a sense of the scale of the numbers:

No surprise that you will not find any positive reporting of this event on the mainstream media. The BBC's specialist disinformation reporter, Marianna Spring, had this to say:

She completely ignored the main focus of the march, which was on medical freedom, the restoration of our civil liberties, and protesting against the introduction of vaccine passports, and instead completely downplayed the enormity of the march and chose to use the usual BBC propaganda speak, citing 'QAnon and anti-semitic conspiracy theories'. I have never heard either of these being mentioned on any anti-lockdown march. Thankfully, her comments were slated by many people on Twitter.

It is strange though that so many people don't get why we are protesting. They post comments like, 'don't they know that the lockdown is over', which is really quite breathtakingly ignorant, when you still can't go and sit inside a pub or have a party in your own house.

Here's a reminder of one reason why such massive crowds were in London yesterday. This is a presentation by the amazing Alison Hawver McDowell on Digital Identity. Here are her comments from Facebook:

"This is what Digital Health Passes & IDs are really about... please, understand the monumental risks this carries for life, liberty and the future of our children & grandchildren. Social Impact is a very hard concept to wrap our heads around, hence the simplistic & creative art boards. It’s a very welcome way to understand this complex issue. Don’t scroll by just because it looks childlike... it’s the easiest way to grasp it.. trust me on this. . We haven’t got the time .."

(Click on the image to access the presentation)

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