Unmasking Oxford, one person at a time

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

A little while back a woman who was new to town came to my classes. The classes weren't quite what she wanted but I liked her and later found that she lived near me so I see her occasionally in passing and we smile and say hello.

In April I sent the 500 people on my class mailing list my first awkward video warning them of what I could see unfolding. She replied saying she had forwarded the video to her son as he might share my point of view. It seemed that she didn't quite see things the same way.

A couple of weeks ago we passed in the street and she was wearing a mask. She asked me how things were going and what I thought of everything. I thought it was pointless but I slipped into the conversation a couple of points about there being no evidence to support lockdowns and masks. Five minutes later I saw her again and she called to me "I've taken courage after what you said!" She had taken off her mask.

I saw her again yesterday happily talking to someone. Neither of them had masks on and they were standing close to each other like normal human beings.

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