What the hell is going on in Israel?

Has anyone been following the news coming out of Israel? And no, I'm not talking about the mainstream news. You might have seen this short video of Bibi proclaiming the wonders of the covid-19 vaccine through a megaphone:

I would have thought that this obvious desperation to get everyone vaccinated would make anyone suspicious - but it's got to the stage now where I am convinced that most of the world is under some sort of mind control. Even the Queen appearing on Zoom does not appear to have changed people's minds.

This video below is what I am referring to when I ask the question 'what the hell is going on in Israel'.

You can hear her breaking down at the end of the video. I was in tears as well after listening to it. People like me get accused of 'killing granny' and being 'selfish', but I know who the real criminals are. Narcissists and psychopaths accuse their enemy of the crimes they are guilty of themselves. Everything is inverted. You are a 'spreader' if you don't wear a mask, even though a study of 10 million people in Wuhan failed to find any evidence of asymptomatic transmission. We tried explaining that once to a member of the public in Oxford, who reported us to the police for being in a group of more than two, and he called us 'morons'. The brainwashing has gone so far that parents are even demanding that their kids should wear masks for up to 6 hours a day in schools now. Don't these people do any research? Don't they know that kids are more likely to be struck by lightening than die from covid? Don't they know that there is not one confirmed case of a child infecting an adult? This is child abuse and they are just going along with it. I posted a comment on Facebook that I was in despair at what has happened to the human race, and a friend replied, 'they were like that already, nothing has changed, you are just getting to see them for what they are'.

We are witnessing genocide in action, and most people are complicit and even cheering it on. How do I know that it's genocide? Living through the past year, and seeing the measures rolled out all over the world to prevent the spread of a virus with a similar infection fatality rate to flu has been enough for me. But when you actually look at the 'Ten Stages of Genocide', it should be staring you in the face.

Could what is happening in Israel happen here? Well, we know that they are going to introduce Vaccine Passports. The Offguardian reported in this article that the EU have been planning vaccine passports since 2018. They just needed to wait for the right 'crisis' to introduce them. Unless there is the most MASSIVE push back, I have no doubt that it's going to happen. All those opinion polls and the politicians who are pretending that they are debating it is just for show.

There is one lawyer I just discovered posting on Facebook called Jo Rogers, from Lawyers for Liberty, who is doing some great work challenging schools with mask mandates and generally fighting for human rights in all areas. She seems to think that what is happening in Israel will not happen here:

Let's hope she is right. I have actually been considering emigrating to escape the tyranny we are witnessing in the UK which is more 'in your face' every day that goes by, but I don't know if this would be the right decision either. It might buy a bit more freedom for a few years, but you could end up feeling stuck and then finding yourself having to fight possibly an even more oppressive tyranny and in a different language. There are no right or wrong answers because nobody knows. This has never happened to most of us in our lifetimes, which is possibly why so many people don't recognise it as genocide.

The only thing that is absolutely certain is that 'following the rules' means more rules and more tyranny.

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