What's really happening in India?

Updated: May 2, 2021

Quote from Ivor Cummins (see video at the end of the post):

"The media are using examples like India to browbeat and terrorise their own countries who have reached endemic stages - that can only be described as propaganda'

This is my attempt to shed some light on alternative explanations for the highly publicised 'covid surge' in India.

I have just had a 24 hour ban from posting on Facebook, after attempting to share some interesting information from a doctor in India, who explains that Ivermectin was very successful in preventing covid, but many doctors had stopped using it, which may be one reason for the apparent 'covid surge'. You can see Facebook has helpfully commented that my post went against their Community Standards, which obviously now include talking about India and Ivermectin in the same paragraph.

To see the original tweet, click here.

So what is really happening in India? Here's a look at some news coming out of the mainstream sources.

'Now this Politics' on Facebook has this headline:

And the New York Post says that covid is 'swallowing' people:

And the BBC can always be guaranteed to be at the forefront of doom and gloom:

Social media is suddenly full of concerned people talking about the cases and deaths. People who have never really cared about deaths caused by poverty and malnutrition are suddenly incredibly worried, but even worse than that, are now using India in their criticisms of anyone who went to the London protest at the weekend. Here was one comment on Twitter:

"What’s wrong with these people? Why do they need to protest every weekend. Is this their form of entertainment? Indian double mutant is here in UK - do these people want it to spread?"

As usual, all you need to do is a little bit of investigating, and the mainstream narrative crumbles. For a start, all of the images used in the mainstream reports appear to have been used before, or are from another incident unrelated to covid.

This image was used 3 years ago!

And the woman in the purple dress was featured in a news report about a gas leak in May 2020:

Regarding cases and deaths, as usual, it's useful to put them into perspective, something which the mainstream fails to do. In an article in Left Lockdown Sceptics, Jo Nash who lived in India until recently and still has many contacts out there, has written a very good piece where she explains that the numbers are not quite as horrendous as they are being portrayed:

"Firstly, the media are presenting cases and deaths in whole numbers that sound horrendous until you convert them to percentages of India’s huge population of 1.4 billion people. The current daily death rate in India of 2,600 is equivalent to 126 deaths per day in the UK, way below our peak rate and closer to what we are experiencing now."

India’s current official total Covid deaths of approaching 200,000 is equivalent to just 10,000 in the UK. And here's an idea of the major causes of deaths in India together with numbers.

This chart compares cases per million, UK vs India:

And a comparison of deaths per million looks like this:

Another way of looking at cases and deaths which I've seen on social media brings in the dates that Ivermectin was introduced, and the date that vaccination began.

You can clearly see the positive effect of Ivermectin and what looks like a correlation between the vaccine rollout and the increase in the number of cases. This seems to be happening in every country following the vaccine rollout. Have a look at a selection of charts which illustrate the same pattern (nb: it's in slideshow format):

You just cannot trust anything coming out of the media. It's easy to understand what is going on - if you understand what is going on, that is....... but the vast majority of people still do not, unfortunately.

This comment has been taken from a Indian Telegram group. I'm not commenting on whether this is true or false, but it's interesting to see the comments of ordinary people and how they differ from what the media is saying.

And here's another comment, this time on BBC misinformation.

And another:

Finally, here's a short video by Ivor Cummins. He shows how the number of deaths per million is still very much lower in India than in the UK, how they have managed to have no significant deaths from covid so far, despite having implemented no measures like masks or social distancing.

And here's a quick summary of the situation:

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