Will UK pubs and restaurants ever 'rise up' like their European neighbours?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Calling all pubs, bars and restaurants! Tweets are going viral right now asking pubs, restaurants and small businesses to defy the lockdown and open their doors to the public, advertising it as 'The Great Re-opening'.

If you are a pub or restaurant owner, or another 'non-essential' business, and you are siting at home, wondering when the government will 'allow' you to re-open your business, how about asking yourself the following questions:

Why can people travel by plane or train, often packed in like sardines, but not go to a pub or restaurant?

Why is it ok to crowd into Tescos, but not your local pub?

Why can people sit at their desks in offices all around the country, but are not allowed to sit down in a restaurant?

What’s the difference? It’s either dangerous for everyone or dangerous for no-one and there should not be one rule for ‘essential businesses’ and another for whatever the authorities deem to be ‘non essential’. The government DOES NOT have the right to keep decimating local businesses on the basis of a virus which for most people, will range from either no symptoms at all, or a flu-like illness.

Why are they doing this?

Answer: 'The Great Reset'. Have you heard of it? It sounds like a 'conspiracy theory' but it's not. Headed up by Klaus Schwab, (who would do a great job as a Bond Villain), it's the World Economic Forum's future plan for the world, and small businesses, pubs and restaurants do not feature in it. The video below gives a brief summary.

To enable the 'Great Reset', Governments around the world are determined to lock down and destroy all small/medium sized businesses. If you remain closed, you will probably never open again and you may lose your business for good. There will be no more small/medium businesses left if we do not stand up to the government NOW.

Italy and Poland have started to open up in defiance of their governments!

As Italian officials continue to talk of tighter lockdowns, some restaurants have decided that they have had enough. Organizing on social media under the hashtag ‘#IoApro’ (I Open), owners threw their doors open on Friday in protest. The mood in one Milan establishment was seemingly festive, with music blaring and a full house of unmasked customers ending the night by dancing on tables.

Here's the link to the article in RT News. Unsurprisingly, the story has not been covered by the BBC.

And in Poland’s “winter capital” of Zakopane, hundreds of businesses are vowing to reopen in defiance of government restrictions. The entrepreneurs in this area say that lockdowns are “destroying Poland and Polishness” and will “destroy the middle class, small and medium-sized enterprises and kill several hundred people a day” if they continue. You can read the article here.

It is not yet clear how many businesses are planning to open up on 30th January. A hair salon owner who has been fined £17,000 for opening during lockdown last year has indicated she might be about to break the rules again. Asked by an Instagram user if the salon will be opening on January 30 even with lockdown, she replies: "Yeah we're all opening regardless of lockdown. "They can't control us all when we stand up to them."

You can read the article here.

Who are we saving by staying closed and destroying businesses?

The NHS publish a 'Daily Download' which is an Excel spreadsheet, showing the number of people who die each day 'with covid' following 28 days of a positive test. The data is meaningless, as we have no idea how many actually died directly from covid, and how many died of something completely unrelated, but who happened to have a positive test in the past 28 days. It is broken down by Hospital Trust, and looking at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals (which covers the Churchill, the Horton, the Nuffield Orthopaedic and the John Radcliffe), there are roughly 6 people dying per day 'with covid'. Freedom of Information requests reveal that the average age of death is around 80, and patients are already seriously ill with other secondary conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure, sepsis, dementia and hypertension. Here's the link where you can download the spreadsheet. It looks like we are destroying everything that we value in order to protect a very small group of old, sick patients who are probably shielding anyway. All lives are valuable of course, but there has to be some proportionality.

What's happening in other countries?

You may be surprised to hear that not all countries are following strict 'social distancing' rules and wearing masks. This Twitter thread shows a number of countries where they do not appear to have these rules.

Here's Russia:

This was a New Year's Eve party in Zanzibar, Tanzania, where Covid19 testing was stopped last May due to goat and Paw Paw testing positive.

And this is New Year's Eve 2021 in Miami, Florida:

What's happened to the UK?

Maybe the propaganda has been more relentless in the UK, maybe we have a more compliant population, who knows. But it seems that there is little resistance to lockdown hysteria. It could also be because the other side of the argument rarely gets any airtime. If you are looking for a good source of information to debunk the official position on the effectiveness of lockdowns, Lockdown Sceptics is a great place to start.

Is it time to start saying NO?

We would love to see some pubs and restaurants start to question the government's draconian response. Please leave us a comment if you are one of them or send an email to

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