Youtube bans Social Expermentalist vaccine video filmed in Oxford

A couple of weeks ago I met a Youtuber called the Social Experimentalist and filmed for him as he spoke to the public in Oxford using a megaphone. He uploaded the video to Youtube and it was taken down because it 'violated community standards', so has had to upload it to a different platform. He asked people if they were happy about the vaccine and if they were going to take it. Many people answered yes and when he asked if their little children walking with them would have it too, the parents said yes. Sometimes the little children shouted "Yes!" expressing their conditioned delight about it before their parents had answered. Thankfully this may not be indicative of a majority as most people did not answer him and some rejected the idea of having the vaccine outright.

Later he asked passers-by their opinions quietly one on one. When asked if there should be penalties for not taking the vaccine they often said yes. Some also said yes when asked if they thought the unvaccinated should be made to wear something that indicated their unvaccinated status. I was particularly struck hearing these opinions come out from behind the mask of one blonde girl in her twenties who had bright innocent eyes.

She had a south african twang to her accent so perhaps there was a cultural legacy in there. Make no mistake though, well meaning people are advocating horrors.

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